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My Tolumnia Orchid Has A Flower Spike

My Tolumnia Orchid Has A Flower Spike

So today I was looking at my orchid terrarium and I discovered my Tolumnia orchid has a flower spike and the flowers are about to open.

I left Grogu in charge of my orchid terrarium and I think he may have helped things along.

I have 2 Tolumnia orchids in the terrarium one variety is Leopard and the other is Red Flyer.

But I didn’t mark the variety just the species name so I really don’t know what color the flowers will be yet.

My Tolumnia Orchid Has A Flower Spike

So here is a closeup of the flower spike. It is still too soon to tell which one it is.

This orchid is small and I have only had it for a few months. I really expected to have to wait a year to see any flowers.

I don’t see a spike on any of the other orchids but this one came pretty fast so maybe the other Tolumnia will also have one.

Tolumnia And Orchid Terrarium Update Video

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So this is a video showing my Tolumnia and a walk around my orchid terrarium. I think everything is growing well.

My house can get dry during the heating season and orchids prefer fairly high humidity. So I built this terrarium in a 20-gallon fish tank.

So far it seems to be working really well. Here is more on how I built it. Orchid Terrarium DIY [An Unusual Fish Tank Transformation]

I must admit I don’t know a lot about Tolumnia orchids. Apparently, they were called Equitant Oncidiums.

But they were reclassified to the new genus Tolumnia. They were discovered about 50 years ago so pretty new by orchid standards.

I thought my orchid was too small to flower and I actually considered removing the flower spike so it could grow more.

I am glad I didn’t because it turns out these orchids are small only reaching 6-8 inches in height.

As to what color the flowers will be only time will tell but I will do an updated video once I have something to show you.

But you can find out more about growing Tolumnia orchids here:

My Tolumnia Orchid Has A Flower Spike Update

My spike finally opened up. The flowers are small but very pretty. This orchid flowered way earlier than I thought it would.

I don’t know if they will get larger as the plant matures or if there will just be more of them.

Here Is An Orchid Terrarium Walkthrough And Up

Everything is doing pretty well. I was surprised to find a flower spike on my Tolumnia orchid. Its flowers are small but beautiful.

I needed to raise up my Vanda orchid though because it was getting too much moisture from the sphagnum moss.

It lost some roots but I raised it up above the moss placing it on top of a 2-inch net pot and I think it will be fine.

The sphagnum moss is actually starting to grow. I did not expect this but I think it is a good sign.

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This post contains affiliate links.