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Terrestrial Orchid Unboxing

My terrestrial orchids just arrived so I will be doing a terrestrial orchid unboxing.

Everything was very well packaged and very healthy and I am very happy with my order. So here is what I received.

Of course, they don’t look like that right now but they will one day.

Terrestrial Orchids Unboxing Video

Here is my unboxing video. It’s hard to unpack plants one-handed so the video is not my best but at least it is watchable.

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What They Look Like

Terrestrial Orchid Unboxing BLETILLA YOKOHAMA Kate Purple Yellow
Terrestrial Orchid Unboxing POOR-MANS-Reed-Stem-Orchid
POOR-MANS-Reed-Stem-Orchid Epidendrum radicans

Musical Notes Bonus Plant

This one is called Musical Notes. One look at the flowers and you can tell why. It’s not an orchid but it’s called Clerodendrum incisum and it is actually a subtropical shrub-like plant native to Africa that can be deciduous.

So it’s not an orchid but still, a pretty cool plant, and the price was right.


Terrestrial Orchid Unboxing Here Are My Plants

I ordered these plants on Amazon and the grower is Emerald Goddess Gardens if you are looking for plants I recommend you check them out. They have an interesting selection of plants.

Poor Mans Reed Stem Orchid  Epidendrum

This one looks like what I would expect an orchid to look like

POOR MANS Reed Stem Orchid Live Ground Cover Tropical Plant Epidendrum Orange Blooms
Epidendrum radicans

Epidendrums are a large genus with hundreds of species. The placement of certain species within the Epidendrum group has sparked debate among specialists, resulting in some being reclassified into other taxonomic groups. The Reed Stem or Poor Man’s Orchid is still known as Epidendrum radicans.

Here is an article on how to care for them: How to Care for a Reed Orchid (sfgate.com)


This one looks quite a bit different. At first, I thought this was the reed orchid because of the long narrow leaves.

BLETILLA YOKOHAMA Kate Purple Yellow Ground Orchid Bletilla yokohama[/caption

This orchid has more “normal” looking roots and should do well when I repot it.

Terrestrial Orchid ‘Kate’ PPAF (Bletilla yokohama)

Hardy terrestrial orchids are exotic perennials that can be grown in outdoor gardens (zones 6 and higher). Bletilla ‘Kate’ is a vigorous plant with long sword-shaped leaves. It begins flowering in June and the bloom cycle lasts up to 2 months. The 2” lavender blooms have darker lavender streaks in the center of each petal. The deep yellow lip has sunny red spots and is surrounded by two rose-colored lobes. The flower spikes reach 40” tall with as many as 35 blooms per spike. It can be grown as a container plant or as a landscape specimen in zones 6-10. Deer resistant. Terrestrial Orchid ‘Kate’ PPAF (Bletilla yokohama) (logees.com)

Bletilla striata ‘Yokohama’ is a hardy ground orchid and a hybrid.

These orchids are native to Southeastern Asia and the Philippine Islands and are becoming more popular in the U.S. 

They are semi-tropical so they can be grown outdoors and brought back in when the weather starts to cool. 

One grower says they are hardy to zone 6. I am in zone 7 so they should make it but I don’t think I would risk it.

Another Look At The Epidendrum Radicans

This Epidendrum really looks more like an epiphytic orchid. It has aerial roots but it is classed as a terrestrial orchid.

I have heard there are also semi-terrestrial orchids and my guess is this might be one. But it is growing happily in potting mix

Another Look At At My Bletilla

Terrestrial Orchids Repotted In Coco Coir

So I decided to repot these plants in straight coco coir. These pots are 5 1/2 inches square.

Coco drains so well I did not feel like I needed to add any LECA or grow stones.

I will probably leave them in the tray and bottom water them.

Here is an article about terrestrial orchids. Growing Terrestrial Orchids [Grow These Easy Orchids] – Hydroponic Orchids

Terrestrial Orchid Unboxing Conclusion

Overall, I am very impressed with my order of terrestrial orchids. The plants arrived healthy and well-packaged, and I was pleased with the variety of different species that I received.

Whether you are looking for ground orchids or those that grow on trees, there is something for everyone in the world of terrestrial orchids.

I would recommend trying this unique and fascinating type of orchid to anyone who is interested in gardening, horticulture, or botany.

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This post contains affiliate links.